New Country/Folk Record, Subversion Sticker, Poster and Combo Zine


We’ve been so busy getting all this stuff together, we have no energy left for flowery descriptions, so here it is straight: 1) After running out of both, separately, we just got back a reprinting combining the DIY Guide #2 and The Walls Are Alive into one combo zine, going out free with every order, and also available in bulk. 2) We now have a third CrimethInc. Agent Subversion Sticker Kit (You Are Under Surveillance), made for deployment everywhere. 3) A new, huge, full-color poster is available for a mass wheat-pasting campaign featuring the dark shadows cast by the events following 9/11. We’ve also lowered the cost of Priority Mail and started using some fancy shipping labels.

And lastly, we have a bit of a surprise called The Long Walk Home by Sandman, our first recording that is not hardcore music—hooray! Chris Sand (aka Sandman) self-released an earlier version of this album last year and it quickly became one of our favorites around the house. We made some needed changes (including lowering the price to $6 postage-paid) and are very excited to release our first country/folk record, which we hope you will enjoy. MP3 samples along with a detailed description are available here.